Undergraduate Students Honored for Their Achievements and Community Involvement

During the annual Student Achievement Awards on May 7, students, faculty, staff, and families celebrated remarkable student dedication and leadership.

By Melanie Thibeault
Derek Zuckerman with two students holding awards

BRISTOL, R.I. 鈥 On May 7, undergraduate students were honored at the annual Student Achievement Awards for their co-curricular achievements and impact on the Roger Williams University community. Hosted by the Division of Student Life, students, faculty, staff, and families packed the Recreation Center to watch the celebration.  

In his remarks, Vice President for Student Life John King explained 澳门六合彩鈥檚 Division of Student Life Learning Model, which believes that as a result of their experience at 澳门六合彩, students will meaningfully contribute to thriving and diverse communities. The learning model identifies four learning goals to achieve this educational priority: Self Awareness, Healthy Relationships, Cultural Humility, and Community Engagement.     

鈥淭he ceremony highlights and recognizes the various co-curricular and academic achievements of selected Roger Williams University students who have mastered these learning goals,鈥 King said. 鈥淲e applaud them for their dedication, involvement and meaningful impact on our community.鈥   

In addition to student awards, Assistant Professor of Cultural Studies Aaron Allen received the Dr. Mark Gould Commitment to Student Learning Award, voted on by students and presented by Associate Provost Becky Spritz. 

The following students received awards.  

The Charles J. Kelley Award recognizes a student for outstanding work in health promotion to the 澳门六合彩 community.  

Charles J. Kelley Health Services Award 
Shannon Agonis 鈥23  

The Outstanding Admissions Ambassador Awards recognize and commend students who best reflect the mission and philosophy of the Office of Admission. 

Outstanding Admissions Ambassador Awards  
Alyssa Foerster 鈥23 
Brendan Serenson 鈥23  
Kendra Sharrock 鈥23 
Jack Tweeddale 鈥23  
The Roger Williams University Sustainability Award recognizes a student who made great strides promoting sustainable practices within our campus community.  

Sustainability Award 
Hannah Mitchell 鈥23 

The Title IX Violence Prevention & Sexual Assault Awareness Recognition Award honors students who have worked closely with the Title IX office over the past year. 

Title IX Violence Prevention and Sexual Assault Awareness Award  
Meaghan Lewis 鈥23 

The Student Senate Chartered Club and Organization Members of the Year awards were created to recognize the efforts of Club and Organization members who continuously went above and beyond their duties. 

Student Senate Chartered Club Members of the Year 
Marcella Colardo 鈥23 
Abby Gambrell 鈥23 

Student Senate Chartered Organization Members of the Year 
Parker Schwartz 鈥23 
Annebelle Jones 鈥23 

The James R. Russo award is given annually by the Department of Athletics to senior student-athletes who have the highest grade point averages.  

James R. Russo Award for Athletic Academic Excellence 
Emily Bennett 鈥23 
Ari Dinerman 鈥23     

Class Awards honor students of each class year who live out the mission of the University and their love of the community through service to the University. 

Class Awards: Class of 2023 
Andrea Arriaga Cota 
Rim Bensadok 
Dominique Dame 
Brendan Serenson 
Jack Tweddale 
Class Awards: Class of 2024 
Kristen Hearrold 
Joshua Ongera 
Crystal Riberio 
Olivia Santoro 

Class Awards: Class of 2025  
Zoey Cormican 
Matthew Milotakis 
Prabidhi Rana 
Matthew Tilley 

Class Awards: Class of 2026   
Lucas Matthews 
Sophia Burton 

The Intercultural Center Values and Service Award honors students who have demonstrated sustained commitment to the values of the Intercultural Center initiatives through their engagement and service.  

Intercultural Values and Service Award 
Blessing Pour 鈥23 
Mizael Mendez 鈥23  
Lisabeth Candelaria 鈥23 

The Resident Assistant of the Year Award is given to an outstanding staff member who goes above and beyond their responsibilities. 

Resident Assistant of the Year 
Jenna Kehoe 鈥23 

The Peer Mentor of the Year Award recognizes an outstanding Peer Mentor who demonstrated commitment, reliability, professionalism, and enthusiasm throughout the year.  

Peer Mentor of the Year 
Megan Griswold 鈥23 

The International Student Leadership Award was created to recognize a student for their dedication and commitment to campus internationalization and international engagement. 

International Student Leadership Award 
Brianna Simmons 鈥23
Naomi Cruz 鈥23 

The Melissa Carrasquillo Award for Intercultural Citizenship is awarded to a graduating senior who demonstrated exceptional commitment to social justice and inclusion. 

Melissa Carrasquillo Award for Intercultural Citizenship 
Seo Yuon Kim 鈥23
Jesahias Quiroa 鈥23 

The Lt. Charles A. Henderson, USN '99 Spirit Award includes a monetary award in memory of Lt. Charles A. Henderson III USN '99. It is awarded to a graduating senior with graduate school aspirations who best and most consistently demonstrates the embodiment of a true scholar.  

Lt. Charles A. Henderson Spirit Scholarship 
Nicholas Cristante 鈥23 

Lt. Charles A. Henderson Scholarship for Outstanding Tutor in Writing 
Mariam Sanusi 鈥23 

Lt. Charles A. Henderson Scholarship for Outstanding Tutor in Math 
Hannah Mitchell 鈥23 

Lt. Charles A. Henderson Scholarship for Outstanding Tutor in Science 
Cale Langan 鈥23 

The Dr. J. Harold G. Way Scholarship Award was established in memory of Dr. Harold Way, former University faculty member from 1969 to 1974. This award is based upon a student's strong academic standing and their contribution to the University community.  

Dr. J. Harold G. Way Outstanding Junior Scholarship 
Alli Schoenfeldt 鈥24 

The Karen R. Haskell Senior Leadership Award is named for former Dean of Students, Dr. Karen Haskell, who fully embraced sustained student leadership and engagement in the campus community. 

Dr. Karen Haskell Outstanding Senior Leadership Award 
Dominion Emmanuel 鈥23  
Jenna Kehoe 鈥23 
Jordan St. Onge 鈥23 
Lindsey Young 鈥23 

The Student Senate awarded the following scholarships.  

Student Senate Scholarship in Activism  
Rameesa Wajid 鈥24 
Matthew Milotakis 鈥25 
Jordan Gladstone 鈥26 

Student Senate Scholarship in Academic Achievement 
Arianna Albano 鈥23 
Ale Menendez 鈥24 
Amelia Pickard 鈥25  

Student Senate Academic Resource Scholarship 
Emily Williams 鈥23 
Erin LoMonaco 鈥23 
Cassandra Pay 鈥25 
Bryce Riccitelli 鈥25 
Daniella Hernandez 鈥26 
Kelsey Mangan 鈥26