Below are some of the programs that the Intercultural Center either held or co-sponsored over the 2020-2021 academic year.

- September 12:  White Antiracism Intensive hosted by Erin Corry, Curriculum Design at Sub:Culture, Inc. & Marco McWilliams, Public Scholar with Swearer Center at Brown University

This intensive centered on the work of Black thought leadership. White affinity spaces help white people to see themselves as a collective capable of meaningful change (particularly when we submit to Black thought leadership) and push back against toxic individualism. White affinity spaces are also intended as an act of love towards BIPOC who are too often traumatized in public conversations about race and racism in predominantly white institutions.

Marco McWilliams led us in understanding Rhode Island's specific complicity in the transatlantic slave trade. Erin facilitated the time together and offered students a framework through which to locate their next steps as antiracist co-conspirators. Attendees left with clarity on personal and corporate next steps to make ϲ a more equitable, inclusive space of mutual liberation.

- November 9

 November 9

- November 12: Post Election Symposium

A panel of ϲ professors answering Q&A about the 2020 US Presidential election results. The panel consisted of:

  • Dr, Douglas White - Adjunct Professor of Humanities, Arts & Education
  • Dr. June Speakman - Professor of Politics and International Relations
  • Dr. Sayeed Hydaralli - Associate Professor of Anthropology/Sociology
  • Dr. Brian Hendrickson - Assistant Professor of Writing

- November 18: Black & Students of Color Community Meeting

- February: Black History Month

Black History Month Programming Schedule 2021

  • Whole month: "Know the Name; Know the Story" Poster Series
  • February 4-5: Black Excellence Photo Shoot
  • February 8:  ϲ Alumni of Color Network Black Excellence Conference
  • February 9, 18, 24 &25:  Stomp Out Stigma: Wellbeing Workshop Series

Stomp Out Stigma: Wellness Workshop

  • February 10:  BIPOC Open Mic Night
  • February 12: Black History Movie Night Series: I Am Not Your Negro 
  • February 16: MLK and the Strength of Shared Dreams

Hosted by Ron Jones from

Through a multi-dimensional performance including video excerpts and a one-man show, our presenter, Ron Jones, illustrates lessons learned on a civil rights journey. The program depicts how, by the end of his life Dr. King was building a civil movement to promote the dignity of the most need in America, and highlights that social issues need to be more "intersectional." 

  • February 17: 16th Annual Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Celebration Keynote Address
  • February 22: Black Power Book Club: Black Power: The Politics of Liberation by Kwame Ture & Charles Hamilton
  • February 23: Allyship Seminar
  • February 26: Black History Movie Night Series: Black Power Mix Tape: 1967-1975

Black Power Mixtape: 1967-1975 

- March 4: The Soul of America: Screening & Virtual Discussion

Hosted by the Intercultural Center, SPLO, SAGA, and the College Republicans, this was a special event tracing the history of America and how it relates to what makes the soul of the country. One part documentary screening, one part discussion.

- March 16: HerStory: Amplifying Voices (co-sponsored with SAGA)

HerStory is the single account of love, pain, struggle, and triumph, spoken over melody and song, tear shed, and laughter. Unlike the traditional stories of fainthearted and muted women, here, they testify true accounts of their existence; from subordination to dominance, from discord to sisterhood. Mix this with spirituals and Meringue, hip-hop and jazz.

HerStory- March 31: Meet the Links Inc.

The Links Inc a community organization of women leading the way in community involvement and advocacy. Members of the campus community gathered to hear hear members come about their organization, their work, and their impact on communities across the greater Providence area.

- April 6: MSU Stay Woke Week: Conversations on Race, Racism and the Law: Unpacking "Defunding the Police" and White Supremacy featuring guest panelists Dr. Kamille Gentiles-Peart & Dr. Aaron Allen. (Co-sponsored with MSU)MSU Stay Woke Week - Conversations on Race, Racism and the Law: Unpacking "Defunding the Police" and White Supremacy

- April 26: Environmental Justice - Panel Discussion and Q&A Session

In the spirit of environmentalism, the Intercultural Center partnered with the Eco-Reps to bring a panel of professors and environmental advocates to campus (virtually) to discuss environmental justice and local EJ efforts throughout RI.

- May 11: Intercultural Center Senior and End of Year Recognition

An annual tradition, we bestow a graduation stole to seniors who have made extraordinary contributions to campus through involvement with the Intercultural Center or student groups. This year we also recognized all students for their resilience this academic year. Students in IC programs, our student workers, first year students, et al. have had to navigate academics differently this year, and adapt their social proclivities to keep the campus community safe this year.