University Room Booking and Services

The Division of Student Life is home to the Campus Scheduler program, 25 Live. The 25 Live Scheduling Manager is responsible for booking and confirming your reserved space, whether a meeting or approved event. The staff want to see your meeting/event be a success.

Planning an event can be as simple as scheduling a space for a meeting or as sophisticated as putting together the logistics for a multi-day conference involving meals, media services and complicated room set-ups.  Faculty and Staff should secure a location and receive confirmation before promoting the location or working with other University Service Departments. 

External Roger Williams University organizations must contact the Conference Office to begin their process

All campus scheduling begins by visiting the

The following section has Guidelines and Services to help you plan everything from a meeting to multi-day event.

Once you have selected your date and reserved the space, it is now time to think of the logistics. Several links are provided below for your convenience:

ϲ Staff and Faculty who have questions on training or booking a campus space should contact Becky Pye, 25 Live Scheduling Manager for Assistance. 

University Room Booking (coming soon)