Student Handbook

By their attendance at Roger Williams University, students are obligated to comply with the Student Handbook's regulations and procedures, which they are expected to read and understand.

Roger Williams University鈥檚 mission is to prepare students to fulfill their potential and to thrive in a culturally diverse and global society as lifelong learners, professionals, and citizens. As a residential University, Roger Williams places emphasis on the development of the whole student and creates opportunities for them to encounter and appreciate values and lifestyles different from their own, to clarify their personal values, and to explore and express their own beliefs. Students have the opportunity to make decisions that govern their actions, and they will be challenged to accept the consequences of those decisions when they have a negative impact on themselves, other individuals, or on the larger community.

What students may expect of Roger Williams University can be found in the University vision statement, in the University Catalog, on the University policies website and in the Student Handbook. Although it is no longer printed as a 鈥渉andbook,鈥 the student handbook website is designed to acquaint students with the specifics of the standards expected of them as members of University community and the processes that will be followed if expectations are not met. The policies and regulations delineated in the handbook apply to all students enrolled at Roger Williams University. Students are responsible for the handbook contents. Ignorance of a policy or regulation will not be considered an excuse for failure to observe it.

Members of the University enjoy the rights and privileges associated with their status and are bound by the laws of the surrounding community. Student status does not protect a Roger Williams student from the consequences of violating local, state, or federal laws.

While the Handbook provides a review of general policies, guidelines and resources, the University reserves the right to change statements and policies when modified according to established procedures. The Student Handbook is developed by the Division of Student Life. Corrections or information for the Handbook should be submitted to

Administratively revised August 2023

For a full list of Roger Williams University's policies go to the Policies & Guidelines page.