Web Assistance

We work with faculty and staff across the university to keep our sites current, giving faculty and staff agency over their webpages. This allows their diverse expertise to drive our web content.聽

Our websites (rwu.edu and law.rwu.edu) are the digital front doors of Roger Williams University. They communicate who we are and what we do to thousands of worldwide users every day. It is our job to build our websites to foster a user experience that is accessible, clear, on-brand, accurate, and effective.

Request Website Edits and/or Access

Does the content on your office or department鈥檚 web page need an update? Do you need a new rwu.edu or law.rwu.edu webpage? We are here to help. Fill out our form to request web updates. 

Web editor access is available to faculty and staff across 澳门六合彩 and to students working under faculty or staff supervision. All web editors must undergo training in basic Drupal editing, web best practices, and accessibility prior to accessing the site. Fill out our form to request web access and training. 

Learn Best Practices 

We rely on our team of web editors to adhere to best practices in content creation and accessibility. In addition to mandatory training, we offer the following guidelines to our editors:

Web Accessibility Training

Web Content Strategy

Report a Website Issue 

Is the website down? Inaccurate? Out-of-date? Inaccessible? We want to know so we can fix the problem. 

Email webmaster@rwu.edu to report any issues you experience with our websites.